Share Table: Our Cultural Diversity Community Cookbook

Read our holiday cookbook, a collection of recipes curated by our Cultural Diversity Community, and hear from the team who brought it to life.

Share Table: Feasting across the Globe has been created by Nine’s Cultural Diversity Community, as a gift to our teams.

It includes celebratory recipes by community members dotted across the country, from entrees to mains, desserts, side dishes and drinks. There are recipes from 20 countries – Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brazil, Lebanon, Serbia, Japan and more – and each includes a short note to say why they’re special.

“In the heart of my childhood, fish sauce infused the air as my mother conjured magic with her fried chicken wings,” writes Hubert Nguyenle eloquently alongside her fried chicken recipe. “These crispy wings weren’t just a dish; they were a symphony of love, reserved for cherished moments and gatherings… In those moments, we discovered more than flavours; we found connection and joy, savouring life’s simple pleasures.”

Food is one of those rare and magical things that bring people together. When there’s a back story, it’s even more powerful. We hope you enjoy not only discovering the food that’s shaped the lives of our colleagues, but perhaps also learn how to make a dish that’ll become something you cook for your family and friends.

Happy cooking (and eating!)
Sarah Norris, Head of Good Food

We spoke to the team and wanted to share their insights about bringing the cookbook to life and the Cultural Community at Nine.

Tell us the Cultural Diversity Community, and why a cookbook?

Vaish Krishnan, Head of Creative Projects & Culture at Pedestrian Group and co-chair for the Cultural Diversity Community:

My responsibilities for the community include leading our monthly meetings alongside Kylie Blucher and Michael Stephenson, and ensuring we have a clear action plan that creates a workplace through: Communication, Continuity, Content, Celebration and Change, where everyone feels confident to be themselves and diversity is valued. 

Nine is made up of so many different cultures, traditions and personalities – each bringing something special to the table. What better way to bring a family together than a good meal?

We saw this as an opportunity to bring the business together through sharing a cookbook ahead of the holidays with recipes from many of the countries and cultures represented across the Nine business with memories and stories of why this recipe is special to them. This brought to life our first annual cookbook – “The Share Table”.

Through the enthusiastic contribution from the business we have a book that showcases some of the diversity and creativity that makes up our Australian family.

Hubert Nguyenle’s family

How did the team come together to build it?

Maya Brasnovic, Head of Design at Pedestrian Group and community member:

It was fantastic getting to know the team and to work with such passionate people who wanted to see this project come to life! Each person took time from their day so that we could highlight the diverse cultures at Nine. The team came up with a great workflow and process to make it as easy as possible for people to supply their recipes and stories via google forms. We used a mix of photography and illustration, so that even if people weren’t confident with their photography skills they could still be a part of the project. I’m super happy with the result and am looking forward to cooking up a storm!

Leah Beadman, Senior Lead, Powered Client Solutions QLD, SA, WA and community member:

We created a recipe for success across the states and business units with an initial kick off call and then constant comms on slack, and regular check ins. As the submissions came through, we eagerly reviewed and got to know the cultural diversity of the business even more and would get hungry each time we checked out another recipe! Working collaboratively with the core team on this project was rewarding & allowed us to flex different skillsets, and being able to submit my own family recipe and see it published is the cherry on top.

What’s your favourite recipe and do you have any plans on cooking it soon?

Kylie Blucher, Managing Director QTQ & NBN and co-chair for the Cultural Diversity Community:

I can’t choose a favourite, there are so many delicious looking recipes! I’m setting myself the challenge of trying to make each one over the next 12 months!!! I’ll start with Jenny Webber’s Tropical Glazed Ham and Myrna Waugh’s Mango Float on Christmas Day and I am salivating at the thought! 

What’s on the agenda for next year?

Michael Stephenson, Chief Sales Officer at Nine and Executive Sponsor for the Cultural Diversity Community:

The Cultural Diversity Community has had a stellar launch in 2023! There has been such an incredible amount of support from members who have worked tirelessly to enable wonderful festival celebrations & bringing to life an Annual Holiday Cookbook with recipes and stories from our employees across the business. In 2024, we look forward to welcoming new members, continuing to support, educate, increase representation & celebrate diversity at Nine.

Read Share Table here or download a copy below.

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