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Nine Radio drives meaningful local connections, talking to the topics, issues, products and services that directly relate to local areas and communities.

Local impact with national influence, that is exactly what we offer.

Whether it’s tuning into our live talk radio stations, digitally streaming on your own device, or listening to one of our specialist entertainment and investigative podcasts, our powerful and agile audio platforms foster an interactive relationship with our audiences – acting as a direct line into the moods, opinions and thoughts of diverse Australian communities.

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Ray Shindoo
4BC Intern

I had the chance to work with all the different radio programs as well as the news room, where I got to write news scripts, interview sources, practice reading news, and communicate with the radio listeners. I loved the hands-on nature of the internship as it helped me develop and polish my skills.

Our Radio Stations

These stations are the ones listeners from each state turn to for breaking news, opinions and information on what’s happening locally and around the country.

Nine Corporate. 13 June, 2023.

2GB is Sydney’s number one station. It’s home to Australia’s best-known commentators and the most influential broadcasters.

Our team is a passionate crew who strive for excellence. A creative and dedicated group of people, they’re supported by a leadership team who are constantly innovating and looking to the future of audio, while working closely to ensure 2GB is delivering, daily, for its listeners.

3AW has been Melbourne’s number one commercial news-talk station for over 15 years.

The team comes together to ensure its listeners are both heard and represented. At the heart of the Victorian audio landscape, this is a team who focus on delivering great experiences, while leaning in to creativity and innovation on a daily basis. They are constantly leveraging Nine’s size and scale to deliver the best for Melbourne.

4BC gives the people of Brisbane a voice and invites them to join the conversation.

As an integral station in the Nine Radio network, our team at 4BC focuses on what’s important to its listeners, and works closely to ensure they are delivering that live and local experience. Supported by its leaders, the team is dedicated and adaptable – always finding new ways to deliver for the people of Brisbane.

6PR is Perth’s only commercial news-talk station.

Each and every day our close-knit team delivers current affairs, news coverage as it happens, interviews with famous faces from around the world, regular topical segments, finance and sporting updates. Working alongside colleagues across the breadth of the Nine Radio footprint means increased opportunities and the ability to bring the best audio product to the people of Perth.

Our Podcasts

Nine’s podcast slate continues to inform and inspire Australians, with premium, engaging and thought-provoking podcasts.

The diverse brands, platforms and content across Nine continue to embrace the power of storytelling, with new podcasts launching frequently. Our podcast and social media teams ensure that we at Nine aren’t your typical talk radio network, we’re growing right across streaming, digital audio, and podcasts. Explore our content here

Ermie Orzales, Sr Support Engineer  Radio  (3aw) People & Culture: NINE Leadership Principles - People Leader images and Employer Brand imagery. 14th June 2023, The Age news Picture by JOE ARMAO

A breadth of career opportunities

Being part of not only Audio, but more broadly Nine, opens up the different pathways and opportunities to grow your career! 

Our newsrooms are at the heart of breaking news journalism, working with Walkley Award-winning journalists to give you the opportunity to learn from the best. 

At the heart of each show are our Producers, responsible for overseeing and gathering high-quality news and entertaining stories that informs, educates and engages our audience across our stations. As part of our team you’ll be working with, and learning from, Australia’s best-known commentators and the most influential broadcasters. 

The career opportunities within Audio also include Panel Operators, Broadcast Technology, Digital, Podcasts, Social Media and more. Build a development plan with your leader, using our My Future @ Nine framework, to keep you focused on where you want to go and how you are going to get there! 

Recognised and appreciated

Our people are our greatest asset, and to make sure the right people are rewarded and recognised, we’ve introduced our bespoke Radio reward and recognition program, THE TALKIES.

Radio’s Talkie Awards gives you the opportunity to recognise and appreciate your stand-out teammates that have gone above and beyond for our Radio team in the last quarter, and have demonstrated one of our values!