How we

Our Hiring Approach

Our hiring phases are designed to help us get to know you, and give you an opportunity to get to know us. Hiring is a two-way street and we’ll share insights into the role, team, leader and the culture at Nine.

Our biggest tip throughout the process is to just be yourself! Read on for an overview of how we hire, how to prepare, the benefits of working at Nine, our take on flexible working, and the working environment we offer.

So, what can you expect?

Phase 1.

Hit that apply now button

Explore our current opportunities and apply. The process is quick and simple, no lengthy application forms! You can share your resume if you have one, or apply with your LinkedIn profile. 

Phase 2.

Let's get to know you

If we think you may be a good fit for the role, someone from the Talent Acquisition team will call and have a chat with you about your aspirations and experience, and we’ll share more about the role and Nine’s culture.

Phase 3.


You will meet with your potential manager and others in the team. This is a two-way conversation where you can ask questions about Nine, the team and the role. We will ask questions about your experience and about examples of the great work you have done. 

Phase 4.

Dot the I's and cross the T's

The paperwork. We'll try to make this as simple as possible however you'll have your contract to sign, we might run some reference checks and a police check. 

Phase 5.

You're in!

Welcome to the team. We can’t wait to welcome you on day one!

How to prepare for an interview at Nine

Tip 1: Be yourself 

We want applicants to bring their whole, authentic self when we meet. 

Tip 2: Take a look at us

Check out our brands and their websites, our careers site, the Life pages on  LinkedIn, and social media. Get to know who you will be meeting at your interview. Jump on LinkedIn, view their profiles and find out what they were up to before they joined Nine.

Tip 3: Think about your questions for us

Remember this is a two-way conversation. You will have the opportunity to ask us about the role, team, culture and anything else that is important to you. 

Tip 4: Get ready to answer questions

When answering interview questions it's always a great idea to have tangible examples from your past experiences and career to support your answer.

We suggest using the STAR method when asked to share examples of your work:

Situation - Set the scene and give context.

Task - Describe the task, including challenges and expectations.

Action - Explain your thought process, what you did and how you did it.

Results - What was the outcome? What were the key takeaways?

We’re on a journey at Nine; changing, growing and progressing in the right direction

At Nine, we are committed to fostering a workforce that embraces all aspects of diversity and inclusion and where practices are equitable to ensure our people experience a sense of belonging.

From day one, you'll be encouraged to bring your whole self to work and will be supported to perform at your best. 

We thrive because of those who want to contribute, to be seen, heard, and to help us be better. Your identity and values come together to make up the fabric of Nine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is flexible work like at Nine?

At Nine we have many different teams that work in many different ways. Whether you’re in Publishing, Sales, Radio, Broadcast or Corporate Functions, each team has its own unique rhythms and ways of collaborating. We empower our teams and leaders to shape how work suits them best. Whatever your work-life balance needs – for example, whether you’re a parent, have caring responsibilities, are studying, or balancing your health and wellbeing – we welcome a conversation about your flexibility needs.

What are Nine's employee benefits?

With so many diverse brands and products, Nine is uniquely positioned to offer exciting rewards like no one else can. Our Employee Exclusives program is a way of getting closer to our incredible brands and products, offering unique experiences, behind-the-scenes access, and awesome perks. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of The Block, or the NRL; seeking the latest story on 9News, A Current Affair or 60 Minutes; like to dive deep into the issues in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, or The Australian Financial Review; or love the live and local sounds of 2GB, 3AW, 6PR or 4BC, Employee Exclusives has something for everyone. 

Nine also has a range of great discounts and offers, including free subscriptions to all of our publishing content and our streaming service, Stan, so you stay up to date with all of the latest news and enjoy all of your favourite shows.