Coming up through the ranks with Steph Anderson, 9News Reporter

Meet Steph Anderson, a seasoned reporter from our Melbourne team.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Nine!

I completed a Bachelor of Journalism at La Trobe University and started my career with Win News Tasmania almost 12 years ago. I joined the Nine News Melbourne team in 2016 and have been able to gain a wide range of experience – from reporting, to producing, fill-in news and weather presenting and helping out on our Chief of Staff desk. I think the variety of positions gives me a great understanding of how the newsroom ticks, and no two days are the same!

Thinking back to when you first started at Nine, and to where you are now, what has changed for you? What has made an impact for you at Nine?

I’d grown up watching Nine News Melbourne and had long dreamed of a job in this newsroom – so day one was exciting and nerve wracking to say the least! The scale of the team and resources was a huge step up from what I was used to – and I was working alongside reporters and presenters I’d always looked up to from afar. Eight years on, I’ve gained invaluable experience about news gathering and storytelling from those colleagues – and still pinch myself that I get to work here.

What advice would you give to young people looking for a career as a reporter?

There’s a platform for every story – and it’s a privilege to tell them. From natural disasters, to politics, crime, council issues or a bumper crop – diversity is the strength of this job and you should respect and embrace it. Also, empathy is crucial – remember you’re often meeting people on the best or worst day of their life. 

Oh, and get comfortable with being out of your comfort zone.

What’s an unusual aspect of your job that people outside your area might be surprised to hear or not expect?

I turn up to work everyday with no idea what’s in store for me. I could be on a beach reporting on a stranded boat, or in Parliament House covering a Premier resigning. I love it, but it means my handbag is constantly choc-a-block with clothes, shoes and supplies to accommodate any situation!

What is your daily routine during the week?

With different roles, start times and responsibilities – my routine changes every day.

Are there any interesting podcasts, books, or mentors that you have really enjoyed learning from? 

My colleagues. From news directors, to camera operators, journos, editors, producers – and everyone in between. The final product in news is always the result of a team effort so collaborating, innovating and listening to feedback is the only way to keep improving.

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