Insights from Nine-NBN Reporter, Andrew Du

Meet Andrew Du, NBN’s Lismore Reporter.

Tell us about your role and what it entails.

As a reporter, It’s all about staying informed and keeping our viewers in the loop. On a daily basis, I investigate and disseminate information on current events, conduct interviews, and stay attuned to community concerns.

Can you tell us about how you first came to join Nine?

The company’s cultural diversity has always been a captivating aspect for me. Growing up, National Nine News was a constant in our home. While pursuing my studies, I worked for the airlines and would always be starstruck every time the journos boarded the flight – I wanted to be like them.

Tell us about some of the key moments you’re most proud of that have shaped your career at Nine.

Every day, I am expanding my knowledge reporting on general news in Northern NSW. I have the privilege of connecting with locals from various backgrounds and covering diverse topics. 

A memorable experience was during the Tenterfield bushfires last year, when my camo and I rescued Frankie – a turtle fleeing the flames. Unable to find a nearby rescue centre, we drove 3 hours to deliver Frankie to the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, where he received treatment for suspected smoke inhalation. 

What are you excited about working on with your team or in your role?

I found a wonderful home in journalism because everyday I get to go out and talk to people.. and share their stories – no day is the same.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to work in broadcast?

While in university, volunteer for work experience – it offers a glimpse into the professional environment, helps build a portfolio, and establishes industry connections. Also, treat everyone with kindness – building and maintaining relationships is fundamental in this industry. 

What’s an unusual aspect of your job that people outside your area might be surprised to hear or not expect?

Not unusual – but a lot of people are surprised when they find out how many stories we pump out a day! 

Outside of the office, what do you get up to? 

I love going for a swim at the beach, exercising, and exploring new places to eat – I’m a massive foodie! 

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