Australian Open insights from our Head of Traffic Operations, Han Kim

Han shares his insights working on the Australian Open and other projects since joining Nine in 2016.

What exactly do you do in your role?

I head up our amazing TV & Radio Traffic department – we collaborate with various teams (like Programming, WWOS, NPC, Legal & Sales) to create advertising spaces and deliver them seamlessly to air!

What’s your favourite product or brand at Nine?

I’m a bit of a tennis nut at the moment, so I’ve got to say the AO!

Tell us how your role will play or has played a part in helping Nine bring the Australian Open to life?

To put simply,

  1. For our audiences: we make sure our ads run seamlessly across channels – ever seen a Rolex ad that just so happens to feature the winner of the tournament? Or an UberEats commercial that happens to feature the same player that’s on court? – that’s us creating that contextual magic!
  2. For our clients: we make sure we create and schedule the perfect ad placements to support the advertising campaigns of our Partners and Sponsors. Need a commercial to air your ad right after Set Point? We got this for you.
  3. For our stakeholders: we make sure to comply and adhere to all agreed commitments and legal obligations so that what Nine says they’ll do, we go and do it. We’ll support you!

What is your favourite part about working on the Australian Open?

I love working on the AO because my job hardly feels like “work” work. It’s definitely a busy and challenging time, but being able to see all of our early prep work come to fruition is rewarding. The live nature of the AO means that something unexpected usually happens, or a change in execution is required – it’s never a dull moment getting to follow the action and be part of it.

Can you tell us about how you first came to join Nine, and why?

Media is such a vast industry, yet can also become very small as your career progresses. A senior leader in the industry saw something special in me that I didn’t see in myself yet (even though it was something I was aspiring for). Leading a valuable team at Nine has been one of the best career decisions and I’m so grateful for the opportunity this senior leader gave me and the ongoing mentorship and relationship we still continue to build.

Tell us about some of the key moments you’re most proud of that have shaped your career at Nine over the years.

Far too many! But just to name a few: 

Proud to be working alongside incredible individuals every day who show up with their passion and knowledge and going above and beyond.

Proud of the support from my leaders and the comradery from the wider business to navigate through the toughest of periods, whether it’s COVID, Cyberattack and everything in between.

And of course, proud to see colleagues and friends grow and develop as individuals, Traffic is a great step into Media and many legends have walked through these doors to do great things, to witness their success is truly a gift.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you for the opportunity to share! Big shout out to the Traffic, the wider Sales Ops and my biggest supporter my wife, Ness!

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